Labyrinth Walks

Guided Journey through the Triple Spiral Labyrinth

Anything that you want to know will show up in some form on the labyrinth.

~ Nancy

Walks and Reflections

Walking the labyrinth with someone to witness is a different experience from walking it alone. Something intangible is intensified with Nancy’s loving and grounding presence. You are sweetly and securely held on your journey within.

Walking to Discover Your Inner Knowing

You may find an inner knowing that leads you to something that was always there, but was buried in seed form just waiting for you to notice. The gift of your noticing signals the seed to sprout, send its roots down and grow towards the sun. A question you have may find an answer that you walk away with to activate something new and wonderful in your life. Your perspective may shift around something that has been troubling you so that you can see the opportunity for growth and learning.

Guided and Supported by a Labyrinth Expert

Nancy starts each session by walking back with you to the labyrinth. Some sessions begin talking in her cozy studio and preparing to walk with a focus or question. Some begin in silence at the entrance to the labyrinth and move to the studio after walking. While you walk, Nancy sits on the edge of the labyrinth nestled in the trees. When you are done walking, you spend time with Nancy as she listens to you, reflects back to you what she noticed, and asks questions about your experience and what you seek. If silence wants to remain, Nancy simply relaxes with you into whatever the labyrinth reveals.

Walking the Labyrinth takes me out of my head and I am more open to receive the messages and answers that were meant to find me.
Cassie Faerber

Mother, Poet

Story of the Labyrinth

Imagine yourself standing on the heart stone where the labyrinth begins. The redwoods stand majestic around you with sunlight peeking through. Nancy sits just outside the labyrinth gazing upon you from a place of deep stillness, as she listens and holds a space for you to intimately encounter yourself.

The three spirals – maiden/wild one, mother/horned one, and crone/wise one – lay before you. You rest, you breathe, you listen and you wait until the labyrinth calls you forth. When you hear the silent “Go,” you walk forward, one step at a time… [read more]