Self-Discovery Deck

Guiding You to Your Inner Knowing

Ignite Your Intuition. Find Your Inner Wisdom.

The Self Discovery Decks are here!  Use these cards to spark your intuition.  They can guide you on an internal journey to discover your inner wisdom.  Gazing with intention at these cards can drop you into the wordless realm of consciousness; as you rest into the quiet, words, thoughts, ideas, connections will start to become clear.

Discover Your Deep Knowing

We each have deep knowing inside us, and yet we most often “out-source” what we know.  To me that looks like asking others for information about how we’re feeling or the direction we want to head.  This deck can help you come back to what you already know, but have been asking others about.  What is your gift?  What is your passion?  What’s the next step that you could take to further your dreams?  Spending some time in contemplation with this cards can invite curiosity and wonder about the answers to those and many other questions.

Nature-Based, Heart-Guided

The deck is nature based, very simple at first glance, but time spent gazing at the pictures and words with an open mind will produce a multitude of knowings. Sometimes it takes a bit for the mind to catch up to what the heart already knows and formulate that knowing into words.  So be patient with yourself as access to your intuition gets clearer and easier.

$30 per deck

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Shipping for 1-2 decks is $8.45, 3-24 decks is $15.50
Using this card deck is like having having a super concentrated shot of grapefruit juice – it wakes me up, puts a spring in my step, and opens up all my senses but instead of through my taste buds, it’s through my eyes.
Michelle LaBrosse

CEO & Founder, Cheetah Learning, Everyday Cheetah