Self-Discovery Deck

Use these cards to activate and spark your intuition.  They will guide you on an internal journey to discover your inner wisdom.  Gazing with intention at these cards will drop you into the wordless realm of consciousness; as you rest into the wordlessness, words, thoughts, ideas, connections will start to become clear.

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Labyrinth experiences

Everyone’s experience on the labyrinth is unique, as is each walk for each person. What is shared is the sense of deepening relationship with self, others, and with the natural world. No one who walks with sincerity leaves the labyrinth unchanged.

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February 2020
Walk the Path: Your True Voice Awaits

During this three-day event you’ll use the triple spiral labyrinth and your five senses to find the access points to your sixth sense (your intuition).  This workshop is about getting friendly with your intuition, learning how it speaks to you, and learning what you can be listening for.

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