“This could be the easiest and most gentle transition you have ever experienced.” ~ Nancy

Triple Spiral Labyrinth

Labyrinths are ancient tools for personal ritual and spiritual exploration. The triple spiral is a new walking path in the labyrinth world that offers a unique space for play and laughter, wonder and delight, introspection and discovery, questions and answers. Simply put, the triple spiral labyrinth is a reliable way to find what you seek. The pattern contains three spirals and each spiral represents a third of the life cycle. After you enter through the gateway you pass through the spirals from youth to adult to elder, before arriving at the heart space in the center. Here you pause and reflect before unwinding the spirals in the opposite direction and completing at the gateway. Repeat at least three times, and you complete one walk. Everyone’s experience on the labyrinth is unique, as is each walk for each person. What is shared is the sense of deepening relationship with self, others, and with the natural world. No one who walks with sincerity leaves the labyrinth unchanged. Walk the Labyrinth

Before I walked the labyrinth, I had questions about decisions I wanted to make about my business. As I walked out I had a real sense of what direction to go and the ease and lightness has stayed with me. ~Ian Chambers, D.C.