Commission a Labyrinth

Creating a Triple Spiral Labyrinth on Your Land

The land tells me where the labyrinth is, and the stones tell me where they want to be.

~ Nancy

Building a Labyrinth for You

Nancy and her husband Mark build triple spiral labyrinths at private residences and businesses. She and Mark will come to your land and find the place or places where the labyrinth most wants to be, lay out the preliminary path, and then work with you to build the labyrinth. It is a co-creative process between Nancy and Mark, the land, and you.

Finding the Perfect Spot

There is a whole subterranean world waiting to be discovered. Building a triple spiral labyrinth is all about listening to the land and building structures that the land wants. The blueprints are under the ground, and Nancy knows just how to find and interpret them.

Your Very Own Tool for Discovery

The process of discovering the labyrinth, building, walking, and inviting your friends and family to walk puts you in touch with yourself, your community, and the land that sustains all of us. If deeper connection is what you seek, the labyrinth will deliver this and much more.

Build a Labyrinth on Your Property

We enjoy our labyrinth almost daily as a walking meditation and we are always grateful to Nancy and Mark for helping us create this sacred space on our land.

Sheila and Peter Cliff

Santa Cruz, California