DD-PerfectionPerfection, while seemingly lovely, can be a bugaboo for people. I’ve noticed a tendency to look at the world through a distorted view of perfection.  Perfection carrying the weight of what we think it means and all the evidence that we’ve accumulated saying that we’ve not reached it; will never reach it.

My invitation is to find perfection in the tiny moments, to rest in those tiny moments of perfection until you can feel that spreading out, touching other moments to include perfection in them.  This particular picture was of a sunrise that just kept getting better and better.

My experience was that it got more and more beautiful as I watched.  Tears filled my eyes as I allowed myself to be touched by the unfolding moments of beauty and more beauty and even more beauty, and then the colors started to recede and in that moment I had a choice.  I could notice the colors fading and choose to believe that faded colors were less ‘perfect’ than bright, saturated ones or I could continue to tap into the beauty that was.  I chose to continue to see the beauty in the softening of the colors and the shifting of my attention back to my beautiful friend who was with me.