DD-BreatheThis seems simple and it is, but it’s also profound. Paying attention to my breath regularly brings me back to an awareness of me. I often find that I’ve got my awareness looped out, checking out the outside world, seeing what the outside world has to say about me and the things that I love. While this can be interesting, if I get caught out there, then I lose myself.

To consciously breathe brings me back to me, to what I’m thinking. Am I being kind to myself? No? Breathe. Yes? Breathe. Do I like what I’m doing? No? Breathe. Yes? Breathe. It’s the answer to everything. It’s the beginning and the end and everything in between. And yet, it’s ‘just’ breath. It’s happening all the time, whether I put my attention on it or not. How are you breathing? You don’t have to try to change it. Just noticing it is enough.

What happens when you put your attention on your breath?