Dappled sunlight on the cottage porch

This morning as I was walking the labyrinth I was taking picture after picture.  All sorts of beautiful shots in so many different directions.  In the moment I was thinking that I might add all of them here, we’ll see if that happens.

One of the main things that I was appreciating was the play of light and shadow on everything.  That seems to be a current theme of mine, loving the play of darkness and light, both physically and metaphorically.  And this morning was no exception.

Chocolate, grooming

Beams of sunlight on Chocolate as I was sitting on the floor of my cottage in quiet contemplation caught my eye.  It was a very peaceful space, watching the cat methodically work each toe to do whatever it was that he was doing.  In fact, just looking at that picture brings that quiet stillness right back.  I could hear the birds outside, acorn woodpeckers hollering about something, then quiet chits of some smaller birds as they made their way through the brush picking up seeds.

The bright magenta and pink of the cushions that came from Corinna brighten my spirits each time I’m in the cottage.  The rest of the colors in there are deep browns, luscious cinnamon colors, reds, golds.  The pop of pink and magenta, seemingly out of place and yet perfectly suited to the space make me smile.

So many pictures.  I want to use them all!  But I won’t, many of them were much more beautiful in real life.  I wasn’t able to capture the whole beauty with just my iPhone.  Maybe because some of the beauty is the energy, the light warm breeze, the delight as I spy a quarter left by someone (and I have no idea who!) on the altar at the juncture between the Mother and the Crone spirals, the soft brush of the cat as he wanders by, muttering about something under his breath.