Yesterday was drippy.  I like the fog and the drip, but for whatever reason, the blog post that I started and restarted and edited and re-edited just never made the cut.  It was too ponderous, too hippy-dippy, filled with lots of gratitude, but saying pretty much nothing.  So there it sits in the draft pile.

And here I sit, thinking about today’s walk.  Laughing about today’s walk, actually, because it was a rather unconventional walk, in that I kept stepping out to take pictures and then back in again.

I’m working with a team to create a website around my labyrinth business (I work with people using the labyrinth as a meditation tool, helping them to discover what they truly want, and I also build labyrinths for other people with the help of my beloved husband.).  So, lots of pictures.  And in the process, hopping in and out of the path. I loved the freedom that I gave myself, to step off, get what I wanted in terms of a photo, and then hop back in again, walking.

The second time at the heart stone, I took my shoes off.  It’s my preferred method to walk barefoot, but it was cold today and I was feeling a little fussy about that, so had left my shoes on.  But, off came the shoes, up rolled the pants, and off I went.  Giggling as I went as the sand in the sun felt warm and then the sand not in the sun felt COLD and then back again.  The sun had only just come out this afternoon, as I was walking, so really the warm sand wasn’t that warm, but it was appreciably warmer than the not-warm sand.

In the labyrinth I’ve placed stones with words on them.  When I first placed the words I saw all of them each time I walked.  But they’ve been there so long now, that I don’t often see the words at all.  Last week the word that popped out was TEACH.  And so I headed in to my studio and sat down to create an outline for a workshop about the metaphor of life that can be found in this walking pattern.

Today’s words:    Giggle and Wisdom.

I’ve actually been thinking a lot about the wisdom that comes through laughter, laughter than can break up a stuck feeling, or shift a mood, or just be enjoyable for laughter’s sake.  I love to laugh.  I do it a lot.  I’ve been told I have a pretty distinctive laugh.  In fact, when I worked in the computer industry, long before it was easy to pick up your phone and record something your co-worker was doing, a co-worker of mine, who was on the other side of the cubicle wall from me, set something up on his computer and then set about trying to make me laugh, which isn’t very hard.  But he got me laughing so hard I couldn’t stop.  And he’d recorded it!

He used that recording, of me laughing as his answering machine message for quite some time.  I saw him years later and he told me that he still had that recording and that it still cracked him up.  He used it to cheer him up when he was sad.  I love the thought that my recorded laughter is out there making people happy.