On September 1st I had my first labyrinth client. It was an incredible experience both for her and for me. Watching someone walk the labyrinth, and then speaking to them of their experience afterwards was amazing. I saw things in how she moved around the spirals that I spoke to, and in turn, what I said spoke to her in ways in profound ways.

Mark and Megan built me a three layered water feature, complete with water plants and fish and that lovely sound that water flowing over stones makes.

I soon realized that I wasn’t going to want to stop working with people on the labyrinth once winter hit, so I approached my husband about building me a space to work with people back there. I wrote about seeing some sort of meditation hut being built back there, way back last year. And it’s a meditation space, certainly, but it’s in no way a hut. It’s gorgeous!

My husband and our generous and talented next door neighbor, built me this beautiful space.  There will be more pictures of the beauty we’ve created inside.  But for now, you’re a tiny bit caught up with all the creativity that’s been happening in our backyard!