One of the things that I most love to do is share the labyrinth with kindred spirits, and children seem to be the most able to feel the spirit of the labyrinth. Then again, children are most able to feel the spirit in just about anything, especially if it’s out in nature.

These are visiting children. There were others, but a few were still on the trampoline when this picture was taken. It was fascinating to watch them as they traversed the labyrinth. Some “knew the right way,” others were telling other people “the right way.” Some approached it shyly, quietly, as if it might startle if they were too loud, and others raced it laughing with glee.

As I’m reflecting now, I have approached this labyrinth in each of those ways and more. I imagine that the way that I approach the labyrinth has everything to do with me and pretty much nothing to do with the labyrinth. The labyrinth is simply there, there for spiritual awakening, there for exercise, there for awareness to bubble up, there for solace, there for whatever it might be needed for.

My own learnings, these days, seem to be coming fast and furious, and I find quiet in the labyrinth. For the past week I’d been walking it quite slowly, feeling the sacredness of it. Today I felt the joy again. It’s not that something sacred isn’t also joyful, but it feels different to me. Hmmmm, as if the sacredness is always there, but feeling the joy bubble up from underneath is especially wonderful. I’m struggling with words here. And of course, it isn’t the labyrinth that has changed. So, a joyfulness is what’s bubbling up in me right now, through the sacredness, flavoring the sacredness in the way that only joy can.