Today I walked the labyrinth with a unicorn. Okay, she’s not really a unicorn in that she’s not a white horse with a golden horn, but she’s a unicorn in that she’s a rare creature of great beauty and wisdom.

I walk the labyrinth with a dear friend who is unicorn-like. As I walk, following her, touching lingering fingers as we pass, I feel grounded, as I always do when walking.

I am coming to love walking with other people. I love my times walking alone, and I love the experience of feeling another energy being swirling through the spirals.

Today we walked in silence. I was so dedicated to the silence that when my daughter and her boyfriend came out to stack wood, I left the labyrinth to ask them not to. It surprised me as much as it surprised them.

In backward reflection, it occurs to me that I noticed something that I didn’t want and I chose to do something about it! Hooray me! I like that.