This morning I walked the labyrinth wearing heels and “Fancy Nancy” clothes. I felt like dressing up for the Immersion Workshop and the musical rehearsal that would fill my day, so I did. (Although, I’m noticing now that I didn’t claim the desire. In fact, I covered it up by saying that I didn’t have any clean clothes, which was not true at all. That’s interesting to me. I’ll have to think about why I wouldn’t want to claim wanting to dress up. Or at the very least, pay attention to that the next time I feel inspired to dress up.)

This evening I walked it again, wearing my Ugg slippers. The heel marks in the mud from this morning brought a big smile to my face, and then as I headed around for the second turn, the big, ridgy footprints of my slippers made me laugh out loud.

I love the thought of how many different shoes I wear in the world. A little like all the different hats that one wears, only the metaphor today is with feet.

Comfortable shoes, beautiful shoes, practical shoes, funny shoes. I love them all. They are all me. I am all them.