I’m feeling more and more pulled by the vortex that is life. More and more I find that I’m moving before thought, but not in a compulsive, must-react kind of way, but rather, as if I’m moving with the current of life, with the flow of the “river.”

This morning my eyes didn’t want to open when the alarm went off, so I asked Mark to wake me on his way out to work if I hadn’t gotten up yet, and then I drifted for awhile in that half-awake half-asleep place. Quite lovely. Thinking about the dream segments from the previous nights.

And all of a sudden, I was throwing the covers off and headed to the shower. Not in a rush, but in a “let’s get going on the day” sort of way.

Walking the labyrinth this morning was lovely as usual. And different from any other walk, also as usual. The air is brisk. My cheeks feel hot and cold at the same time. I feel “full of vim and vigor.” Ready for what the day has to offer. The air is cold, the sun is clear, the clouds in the sky are moving quickly today, but the breeze down here, close to the ground, is gentle.

My toes are cold.

I thought, several times, about walking barefoot as I noticed my feet sliding around in my shoes, but got a full body NO to that idea. I was getting plenty of sensation through my shoes this morning. My toes are still cold! But in a pleasant sort of way.

The dog is excited, bringing me pine cones to throw, wiggling and dancing about to get her scratches in just the right spot on her body.

I shared my labyrinth with a neighbor this morning. I do so love sharing it with others. I’m usually so excited about sharing it that I want to say everything that comes through my head, and I know that I prefer to walk it in silence. It’s this odd paradox of wanting the meditative quality of the labyrinth and wanting to talk about that same meditative quality, thereby changing the energy. So I’m playing with how I introduce it. I’ll have three opportunities this week, which seems appropriate to my metaphorical mind. One has already happened, and I was chattery. I commit to paying closer attention to what wants to happen with the next two introductions.