A dear friend of mine, one whom I don’t see often, but when I do see her we fall into deep heart connection immediately, came up to walk the labyrinth with me this morning.

What an incredible experience it was to walk the labyrinth with her. From her Oh! Oh! Oh! as she walked towards it, to her I LOVE THIS! as she’s walking, and Oh! I’m getting dizzy! Such excitement and joy. It was another very cold morning, and she wore beautiful leather flip flops, so I figured that she’d want to walk it once and head back inside to the fire to get warm, but she was inspired by how I often walk it three times so she said, as she was heading out the first time, “I’m heading back in for the second time. I want to walk it three times like Nancy!”

So we did. Joyfully hugging as we crossed paths and then moving again with joyful speed. It didn’t feel rushed in any way, but the tempo of the walk was quick.

I love that I have friends who, even though I don’t see them very often, when I do, I fall deeply in love with them all over again. It’s not like I fall out of love with my friends when I don’t see them, but maybe that I don’t remember just how much I love them.

I feel nourished by my journey with the labyrinth and nourished by my friends and family. I feel nourished. Breathing deeply, drinking everything in, all the lusciousness that is my life.