Stillness. Quiet. Vision. I can see where the meditation hut/coaching space wants to be. And it’s not where I first thought it might be. As I was walking the labyrinth I began to realize that I wanted the entrance to the labyrinth and the entrance to the space to be in the same area. I didn’t want to have to walk around the labyrinth to get to the meditation space. I’m funny that way. I like things close to hand.

Mark is always laughing and occasionally frustrated at how many garbage cans I have about the house, but I don’t want to have to get up from what I’m doing to throw something away. I like things close to hand.

I wonder what else I like close to hand, other than things? I don’t know. Interesting thought though.

I like a longish view (for example, the windows that I face from here are twenty feet away, and the trees outside them another twenty feet. I like that distance). I love views – is there anyone who doesn’t? another interesting thought – and I like things close to hand.

Polarity. It’s everywhere I look these days.