Misty, quiet, grey day. Muddy Labyrinth. “What wants to happen?” That’s the question I walk in with. I get distracted (?) by what looks like a bubbling spring. Oh, it’s where the snake hole was, and now it’s become an underground rivulet. Look, mud puddles! And I’ve got my rain boots on! Whoo hoo!

Oh! And I can try pulling out the oaklings that are trying to grow in my labyrinth. They slip easily out of the ground through the mud and water. I’d been working really hard trying to get them out before, when the ground wasn’t so wet. Another reminder that things move when they’re ready.

Winding into the center. Standing there taking in the sights and sounds. Hmmm, I’m half way through the crone spiral. How did that happen? I don’t remember even starting back out.

Commitment. Moving oneself in a chosen direction. I’ve been letting the labyrinth call me, and that felt good, but now I can feel a call from the labyrinth to make a commitment to her. I will walk her each morning at 6:00. Three times, or multiples of three. Really? But what about those little ones in me who might not want to do that? What? Make it a game? Oh yeah, I remember how much fun Omi had when Letta said, “Wanna follow me?” while they walked this very section of the labyrinth.

Do you want to follow? No! I wanna lead! Okay, so now I’m almost skipping back down the path. My arms are flapping out, my whole body posture has changed. This is fun! MUD PUDDLES! Sloshing through them.

Back and through and back again. Three times through. I like this.

I tried to argue with the time when it popped in. Really? 6:00? Can’t it be 6:30? No? Okay, and tomorrow? Do I really have to start tomorrow? Yes? Okay. Oh yeah, I can nap in the afternoon before tomorrow night’s performance.

I’m so funny!

Love, love, love! from the labyrinth to you!