Yesterday’s post made me think about how I created the labyrinth, and got me to thinking about sacred geometry and what that might mean. The ancient labyrinths are built upon sacred geometry. And I was realizing that I don’t know how far that definition goes, so I was thinking that my labyrinth wasn’t made with Sacred Geometry, and that thought made me sad.

And then, I started thinking about what actually makes something Sacred.

When I’m walking the labyrinth that I built in my backyard with mostly my intuition and a picture from the internet, an experience in a friend’s labyrinth and the mathmatical help of my husband, it feels sacred. Whether that feeling comes from the reverence with which I entered it, or the emanations from the Redwood tree by its entrance or the Oak trees standing tall all around, with birdsong and wind and sunlight or moonlight, rain or snow, I have no idea. I only know that walking the labyrinth gives me the same feeling I get when I walk into a beautiful church. I come into presence in a way that is easy.

I can drop into “presence”, that magical place/feeling that all is right with the world, no matter what is happening, much more easily these days, and I attribute some of that ease to my daily practice of walking the labyrinth.

I was at a “Consciousness” retreat this weekend with other people who are walking this path that I’m walking. Spending three days with people deeply committed to their aliveness and learning and growth and expansion was thrilling and breathtaking and scary and wild. And now I’m sitting in the quiet, after walking the labyrinth, and letting all those learnings settle.

I was able to see behaviors of mine that I had not been able. The post about a week ago about letting my Villain out was the precursor to my learnings this weekend.

I learned that it is possible to evolve one’s Villain into a Challenger. That there are healthy ways to provoke. And I learned that while I thought I was provoking “cleanly,” I was not. I got a clear picture of that. A good reference point.

And now, I can shift that pattern. If you can’t see the behavior because it’s in your blindspot, then it’s not shiftable. So I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to see this. A very brave woman spoke up, knowing that she could incur my wrath, and yet willing to stand in her truth.

I had a meltdown this weekend. And I was fully supported by the folks who were at the retreat with me. I am grateful and in awe.

Feeling that gratitude and awe,