I wake with the alarm. Leaping out of bed in the dark. Dressing in the dark. I’m excited to be up. But it’s DARK! Mark had pointed out yesterday that this would be the case, but it’s different now that it’s here.

Find my boots, and my layers and head out to the labyrinth, deliberately with no flashlight. I enter the labyrinth and trip on pine cones.

What wants to happen?

A flashlight. Oh! Okay, back to the house, get the flashlight. The dog seems confused but happy to be out exploring in the dark.

I head back and walk into the labyrinth. It’s different in the dark. My pace is much slower and way more wobbly. Those curves are throwing me for a loop! I giggle and chuckle a lot as I catch myself trying to write this blog ahead of time.

One step at a time. I chose a small flashlight, so I can only see one step ahead of me, with the stones to guide my way. I’m shining a light on the now.

The air is crisp and the squelching sounds that my boots make in the mud is enchanting. Big smiles as I make my way around the spirals.

I get scared at one point, thinking that there could be a mountain lion up in the trees above me.

Then I remember that I’m safe. And that with my pea green woolen pea coat and rubber boots I wouldn’t be a very tasty treat, I’d be fuzzy and rubbery. Ewww!

As always when I walk my labyrinth, I find myself wanting to share it with others. I like the idea of inviting people up for the night and then having them walk it with me in the morning.

There’s a spot just to the left when I’m standing in the middle that is perfect for setting up a few small tents. Mark wants to built a fire pit out there somewhere.

So, a campfire the night before with marshmallows and song, and a quiet alarm ringing at 6:00 in the morning. Stumble out of the tents and. . .

Oh look, I’m doing just what I was laughing about in the spirals. Getting ahead of myself. Right now I can only see what’s in the sphere of my flashlight. Just the three or so stones on either side of the pathway where I am. I can’t get lost, but it’s easy to lose track of where I am on the journey.

I’m safe; I can’t get lost. Shining my flashlight on the now. Breathe here now. The only tool I need. Breathe here now.

So if you see me wobbling, just know that I’m trying to get ahead of myself and I’ve forgotten that there is nothing to do but take the next step. I’ll figure it out, just like you’ll figure it out.

Who am I talking to? Oh right, me!