In this way of life that I’ve been exploring for the past seven and a half years, there is a concept called the Triangle. Some refer to it as the Drama Triangle. The basics are this. There are three basic positions in life that we play until we choose to play another game. Those are the Victim, the Hero and the Villain.

As I was standing in the middle of the “unknown” in my labyrinth this morning, water dripping from the redwood tree branches above me, it occurred to me that the three spirals could also represent those three positions on the triangle. There are things to be learn from each position, and eventually, what I want is to be mostly in the unknown. Not playing those victim, hero or villain games. When I’m in the unknown I’m taking 100% responsibility for what happens to me and for how I impact others. I’m also “in the moment.”

Oh bloody hell, here I am trying to teach. I didn’t want to do that with this blog, and I will stop now.

Here’s what I noticed. I noticed that when I thought about the labyrinth in terms of the triangle, I laughed out loud. A happy, joyous laugh, seemingly contrasting the grey, drippy weather.

I love the notion because, this is my triangle dance. In that order. Victim, Hero, and then Villain. And for years, I didn’t acknowledge the Villain. Well, right now, baby, she’s coming out. Eventually I will get to sit consistently in the unknown. But for now, I’m honoring my Villain. I will be messy in this as I learn what lessons she has to offer. In fact, I’m committing to being messy with this.