I had a request for information about how I created the labyrinth, and I’m really psyched to be sharing this process!

This morning I went out to actually measure the beautiful creation (because my dear husband did the math, and I simply held the string while he figured out how wide the spirals should be and where we should be measuring from to determine things like the diameter of each spiral, et cetera.)

I discovered that the maiden circle really is smaller than the other two. I knew that the pathway felt smaller, and in fact it is. The diameter of the maiden spiral is 18 feet, whereas the diameters of the other two are 19 feet. This was not consciously intentional.

Because I came at this purely from having walked Patria and Geoff’s Triple Spiral Labyrinth, and some minimal research on the internet. I feel like I know everything about my own labyrinth and nothing about the “traditions” behind labyrinths in general.

And I’m happy to share my process because this labyrinth feels important to me, and not just to me. It feels important to our evolution. Those people who are called to it, will find their own path, and I’m simply playing my role as an early adapter.

So, bring on the questions!