I followed an impulse a while ago to audition for the Scotts Valley production of Into the Woods. I went because I saw the music director, Drew Lewis’s facebook status saying that he was headed off to the auditions. I have no idea what compelled me to do that. It was one of those moments where everything just felt right. I found music, found a monologe to memorize, called the director to ask about a few issues I had with timing of things and then just went.

I auditioned (and if I were writing this then, I’d be writing all about that process and what it felt like, but I’m not, so I won’t.)

I got called back. I went back for call backs. Two days later I got offered two parts (they’re small, so they go together).

I got offered the part of Cinderella’s mother. Not her stepmother – her mother, the dead one. So in Act One, I play an angel in a tree, dispensing advice and singing about wishes.

In Act Two, I am the voice of the female giant. You know, the one who’s pissed because Jack has killed her husband?

This is Stephen Sondheim’s Into The Woods, it’s a mash-up of fairy tales. The kid version of this musical is to stop after Act One. Everyone has gotten their wish and most things are lovely. In Act Two, all hell breaks loose. I would be the hell that breaks loose. The giantess who’s extremely angry and stomping around killing people. All off stage of course.

I’m excited about the contrast I get to play. I’m actually excited that I got two small parts. This feels like a great way to make my way back into actual musical theater. I’ve been loving singing with Symphony Silicon Valley’s Broadway in Concert series (Last year we did Kiss Me Kate, Music Man and Most Happy Fella.) This feels like the next step. Here’s where I get to decide if I like the acting part as well as the singing. I already know that I love the music part.