The scene is Choir on Tuesday night. That’s my “over-the-hill” chorale. No, they’re not all old. Although, I suppose that’s arguable. It’s certainly not a “youth” chorus, although there are young punks there. (Then again, anyone younger than my 47 years feels like a young punk to me and that is starting to include more and more people.)

Anyway. . . we’re at choir, working hard on some double chorus music, when I notice that the president of the symphony board is sitting in the back of the room listening to us. He has a smile on his face – that’s always good.

There are some gyrations but it’s determined that he will speak to us after the break. So, I gather up my courage and go over to talk with him.

“So, I was wondering if you could, for those of us who auditioned for Music Man, put us out of our misery.”

“What? You don’t know what’s happening? We know what’s happening, why don’t you?” He joked.

Then he leans in and says, conspiratorially, “We’re using the Think System!”

Very clever. I like this guy. He’s very quick witted.

So he tells me that he’ll announce something to the whole choir.

I can wait. I’m patient that way, NOT!

But I wait.

Break ends. He’s up in front talking to us about our Membership Campaign and then teasing us about how much work we still need to do.

He likes to tease, and he’s clear about his teasing. It’s friendly and real. Entertaining.

Then he mentions that one of the choral members mentioned to him at break that nobody knows what’s happened with Music Man and then he quips that he’ll get back to us on that one and turns, as if to leave.

“Hey!” I blurt from the back row, much louder than I had intended, and with more force.

He turns a little red, then comes back and, continuing to play, starts talking about the Think System to the whole choir. He gets good laughs, as he should because the man is funny!

Then gets around to telling us that everyone who auditioned is in the chorus. He doesn’t want to tell people about specific role assignments because he doesn’t want to make a mistake and that we’ll hear before the end of the week.

I’m very happy to know that I’m in the chorus. And I’m much less anxious to hear about whether I have a role or not, now that I’ve been waiting for almost three weeks.

I’m actually glad, in an odd sort of way, that I haven’t known. The waiting has taken the sting out of not knowing.

I’ll be excited when I find out, but for the meantime I’m content to wait. Mostly because I know now how long I have to wait.

It was the uncertainty about when we would know that was killing me.

I’m so glad that this man is president of the symphony board. He’s quick, smart, funny and compassionate. Yes, he was yanking our chains, but he also seemed genuinely concerned when he realized that we’d been waiting and that many people thought that they had just not been cast because no one had told them otherwise. (I was too vain to think that I hadn’t been cast. I figured I just needed to wait longer to find out, but it never even occurred to me to think that I hadn’t gotten in at least in the chorus.)

It’s a new program, this Musical in Concert series that the symphony has started, and they’re still working out the wrinkles.

In the meantime: I’m going with the story that I’m using the Think System with my readers. Surely you all know what’s happening to me when you don’t hear from me, right?

Just Think my blog and you’ll hear it in your heads. Dah de dah de dah de dah, dah de da, da de dah . . .