Making the pronouncement that I was going to try to post every day for a month is problematic at best and terrifying at worst.

So many different voices in my head, all screaming for attention. But who to let in control of the keyboard. Good question.

No real good answer though. Do any of those voices have anything of interest to say? Depends on who’s listening.

Who is listening? And why?

Who am I writing for? Am I writing because I want to be writing and this is as good a way as any?

Am I posting because I’m not willing to simply journal? Is it easier to type than to write something out long hand where I can’t or won’t go back and edit things?

Do I really want answers to all or any of these questions?

Again, good question. And yet again, no real clear answer.

Are you out there? It looks, from the sitemeter, like I’ve got three dedicated folks who check every day to see if I’ve written anything. So for the three of you, whoever you are, I do apologize for the long wait through September and October.

Who are you anyway? Are you people who are in my life tangentially and this is as good a way as any to keep track of what I’m up to?

Did you find me through someone else’s blog and thought, at least for a time, that what I had to say was interesting?

I do know that I’m a good story teller. And I’ve got lots of stories to tell. But then everyone has good stories, some better than others.

Hmmm. It would appear that I have all questions and no answers today.

Maybe I’ll have some answers tomorrow. Maybe not.