This morning has been a series of “but first. . .” events. It started off with my hearing our alarm in my dream. This is actually a good thing. We’ve got this goofy alarm that sets itself off of some satellite that’s racing around the earth. This ought to be a good thing, and in general it is, but Daylight Savings Time and Daylight Standard Time confuse it.

There is an “auto day light” button on it. And I keep that toggled on so that, theoretically, I shouldn’t have to deal with it. However, it seems to have gotten a few leap days through into its cycle and so it is two days off. And there is enough time elapsed between DST alarm setting events that I don’t quite remember the drill.

So, here’s the drill, in case I think to look back at this post when Daylight Savings Time comes around again next April: The clock is two days behind.

I reset the time zone so that the clock would tell me the right time. Sometime in the middle of the night (I’m assuming at 2:00 AM, because that’s when DST is supposed to happen) of the second night after DST is supposed to take place, my clock with “fix” itself. Now, if I’ve already jury-rigged it so that it will tell me the “correct” time (whatever the heck that is), then on this night, if I don’t remember (or my little personal dream alarm doesn’t go off), then we’ll be getting up either an hour or late or an hour early, depending on whether it’s April or October.

But I digress.

But first. See, that’s exactly what’s been happening today. I started to write about the “but first. . .” events, but first I had to tell you about the alarm clock debacle.

This was not intentional. It was just yet another example of how this day is going.

I started out wanting to get my Santa Cruz Chorale music folder in order. I’ve got around here somewhere, the Christmas Carols book that all good chorale singers have. It’s orange and white, says something about 100 carols on its cover and it has—wait for it—100 carols in it.

We’re singing a number of these songs for the upcoming Christmas concert. I’ve got the music, but it was copied from the German version of this book, so the German lyrics are first, and then the Latin lyrics and then the English ones. We’re singing in English this time around (at least for these carols), so I’d rather have the lyrics right up underneath the notes so my brain doesn’t have to work too hard. So, I was going to find my copy of this, copy out the music and replace my German-heavy ones.

But first, I have to find the bloody book. It’s nowhere to be found. I have searched high and low to find this thing. If I’ve given it away, I’ll kick myself or eat my hat or something silly. But, it would appear that that is exactly what I have done. It’s gone on walkabout.

So, I give up on that choir folder and move on to the two folders that I’ll need for tonight. I attempt to put those in order, but first I need to punch holes in a bunch of the music and then I’ll put tabs on the music and put it in alphabetical order so I’ll be able to find things during rehearsal tonight. But the tabs are downstairs and I don’t feel like going downstairs, so I’ll go ahead and work on paying this last bill and entering the checks into Quicken, but first, I have to dig through the stack of statements that are waiting to be reconciled so I can find the checking statement so that I can reconcile that one so that Quicken will be up-to-date so I can see how many of these checks I can write and then actually send out. (Now this is a “but first” that I should have done, but did not. Much to my chagrin.)

Anyway, it’s been like that since 5:15 (oh wait, that was actually 6:15) this morning.

So, here’s my post, which I probably should have waited on, so that I could write something more interesting, but but first I wanted to . . .

Oh wait! I’ve got to go get some pork out of the freezer so that I can make Pozole. But first, I need to check to see if we’ve got hominy. . .