So, no news on the Music Man front. Just to get that out of the way. I’m still waiting, a little less impatiently, because frankly I was starting to annoy myself.

Anyway, the other, probably more interesting, news about yesterday had to deal with having spent the better part of the morning at Urgent Care with my daughter.

Megan was doing wheel rolls in her Martial Arts class on Tuesday and it appears she sprained her shoulder. Her dad picked her up from Martial Arts, because I was headed off to the auditions.

He suggested Urgent Care that night, but Meg decided that she would wait to see how it felt in the morning. Well, in the morning it felt like sh*t! She was not a happy camper. So, we dropped Kyle off at school and headed over to see what was what.

Urgent Care this time of year seems like a big ol’ petrie dish. There were adults and children hacking and hewing everywhere. In fact, I was happy that we got shifted into one of the rooms, just because I didn’t want us to get any more exposed than we already were.

We got Meg’s favorite on-call doctor (we tried to see if we could get on her regular patient’s list, but she’s been booked and not taking new patients for years). Anyway, she moved Megan’s arm through a whole series of things, determining what she could and couldn’t do and then sent her off for x-rays.

Turns out there are degrees for sprains, the way there are degrees for burns. I had no idea. And that’s interesting because I’ve sprained my ankle numerous times. Although I’ve only gone into to the doc just the once after the sprain caused me to faint (in the middle of the street, draped over Mark – people thought I was drunk). And at that point I was more concerned about figuring out what caused the fainting (it was a vaso-vagal faint, for those who are interested), completely missed any (if there were any) references to the degree of the sprain.

Anyway. . . Meg’s sprain was in between a first and second degree sprain, so in between mild (first) and second (moderate to severe). She was sent home to ice it and rest for the rest of the day, which we did.

Megan curled up in front of the fire, and I came and put the ice pack on and took the ice pack off, multiple times yesterday. With the help of the kitchen timer, which will not shut up until you get physical with it, I managed to keep her on track for about 5-6 hours (straight through her 2 1/2 hour nap).

We were joking, on the way to the Urgent Care, that we really need to just schedule time to go do things together, rather than waiting for her to injure herself!

Today is much quieter. I ought to go light a fire, but will probably just put on a sweater, since I don’t really care and it’s just me and the dog here right now.