It would appear that I need clear and concise rules in order to eat properly.

I figured (incorrectly, it turns out) that after eating well for 21 days that this would just be a habit. I lost 10 pounds, so I definitely had motive for keeping it up.

But old habits die hard it seems. Now, I haven’t completely fallen off the wagon yet. I haven’t had a dessert. But those breads will get me. Garlic bread made with a lovely francese loaf appears to be my down fall.

I made spaghetti last night. Lots of lovely veggies. If I’d been perfect, I would have steamed some broccoli and used that instead of the pasta, but I didn’t. And because I didn’t, I think I just slid right on down. I had planned to only have one piece of garlic bread. I’d done this earlier in the week and it worked just fine, but this time the buttery, garlicy bread just smelled and tasted too good! I didn’t stop at one. I didn’t stop at two. I ate until I was full. Something I hadn’t done in a month.

When one eats until they feel full in the moment, but haven’t slowed the meal down, one doesn’t get that feedback until it is way too late.


So, my rules. Only one piece of bread each day. Period. I’m setting a rule. Not just hoping that I’ll pay attention. I don’t pay attention when I’m eating. Or rather, I pay attention, but only to the messages that my tongue is sending me.

So, One piece of bread per day. Also, one dessert per week. If I start this now, before I’ve plunged headlong back into the glory that is dessert, I might stand a chance.

I like the fact that I’m losing weight. I want to keep that up. I’m going to add exercise. Something that I should have done from the beginning, but didn’t. Oh well. Now’s as good a time as any.

One trick I do now have up my sleeve is the smoothies. Today I’ll be having a smoothie for lunch. That’s one meal that’s nutritious and not too calorie-laden. Especially if I add spinach to my nectarine, banana smoothie. Something I’ve been doing for awhile. I like the taste, but I LOVE the beautiful spring green color it turns. It’s beautiful.

What a goofball I am.