I keep waking up at night, writing the next blog in my head, and then going back to sleep, only to wake up in the morning with no memory of the actual blog, only that I wrote it in my head.

Lovely prose, good story telling, all those thoughts remain about the blogs, but none of the actual content. Hmmmm, I wonder if I should get a pen with a little light on it so that I could actually write these things down.

But right now it’s snowing! And I’m going to go out and stand in the snow and catch snowflakes on my tongue, because I can. I’m in California. It doesn’t snow much here, so I take advantage of it. In Alaska, where I grew up, there was a lot of snow and before the end of winter each year I wanted the snow to GO AWAY!

I like the little bits of snow I get. It makes me happy.