I feel like I’m running about a week behind, which of course, I am.

Last Friday Mark (still working from home), drove me to the eye doctor’s to have my “repair” checked out. They dilated just the left eye and then the doctor came in. Not the surgeon who had done the surgery, he wasn’t available, but one of his colleagues.

I had been creating a list of questions in my head. Yeah, I know, I should have written them down, or rather had someone writing them down for me, but I didn’t. As it turned out, it didn’t matter. This doctor was unwilling to answer most of my questions, saying that Dr. Ward was much more conservative than he was, so he wasn’t willing to tell me what things I could start doing again.

He did say, no driving or reading until Monday. And to come back next Tuesday or Wednesday to see Dr. Ward, so he could answer all those questions of mine (can I do yoga? How much modification do I need to do? When can we start having sex again? You know, the important questions.)

But Dr. Ward isn’t available this week (that Tuesday and Wednesday would have been the last two days). So, we’re going back in tomorrow, but will be seeing the same doc we saw last Friday. And while I’ll have fun with the Bill the Cat imitation (that one eye dilated is just plain freaky looking – I’ll see if I can get Mark to take a picture of it to show you all), I don’t know how otherwise useful this appointment will be. Well, he will be looking at my eye again and telling me how much stronger it is now than it was last Friday, but I know that already. I can feel it.

My eye still tires if I read for too long. This is more of an issue with the computer than books, but I can feel it getting stronger every day. The floaters are still there, and there is some haze left from the blood that pooled behind the retina, but that will get absorbed soon enough and I just play with the floaters when they get too distracting.

Soon-to-be-Bill-the-Cat, signing off