The whole quote is this: “First mistake is just a mistake, second mistake is a habit, third mistake – a tradition. Let’s not make any traditions here!” Robert Shaw

But I’m sticking with Ragmop, my new version of this is Second time it’s “oh, hell.” It ends up having the same effect (maybe not as funny to those not in the know. . .).

And it’s come to my attention that I’ve left you all hanging about the Carnegie Hall bit of all of this. I didn’t mean to leave you with the conclusion that we weren’t singing there at all, but that’s how that post reads. Anyway. . .

We are singing in Carnegie Hall. We’re performing April 16th, 2009. That’s a Thursday. Should any of you be in the area, come hear Rachmoninoff’s Vespers. It’s a glorious piece of music.

In the meantime, anybody know about eye floaters? I’ve had little floaters for most of my life. As a kid, I use to play with them while lying on my back looking up at the blue Alaskan sky. There one would be, just a tiny little blackish blob, floating around in my vision, swirling about as a leaf on the wind or one skittering across a pond, uncatchable. They didn’t bother me. I liked them. They were my friends.

Hey. I was lonely. How many friends did you have growing up who were always there when you needed them?

Now, I’ve suddenly got two new friends. Both in my left eye. They seem to be attached to each other, as they look like they’re holding hands and dancing about in a whirling dervish sort of way. They’re mildly disconcerting because they’re much more distracting than my previous friends who seemed to only come out to play when I wanted them to. These are like big bully kids who initially act like they just want to play, but then start to push you around asking for milk money.

I’m going to the eye doc on Tuesday to introduce him to my friends to make sure that they’re not dealing drugs, or doing some peer-pressure thing with the other floaters. Because if they band together who knows what havoc they could wreck.

Well, I’m off to Baroque Obama rehearsal. I did tell you all about that, didn’t I? Hmmm, I’ll bet I didn’t.

I’m performing with the Antiquarian Funks and three other vocalists. We’re performing baroque music from the 17th century, all centered around Peace. It’s a fundraiser for Obama.

For those of you lucky enough to be local, here are the vital statistics:


Saturday, Sept. 20th (tomorrow!) at 8:00
Sunday, Sept. 21st at 4:00

First Congregational Church
900 High Street
Fellowship Hall

Come hear amazing music, see amazing instruments (actual antique sackbutts and krumhorns, etc) and support Barak Obama!

SongMom, signing off