I made the small choir. We’re called the Symphony Silicon Valley Singers at this point. They might change the name in the future, but that’s the name for now. There are ten men and 12 women.

Callbacks were nerve wracking because there were only three extra people. To be one of the three would not feel good.

I was worried about that. In fact, I wrote a whole post about it, but then decided that the post was too self-denigrating, nit-picky, just plain whiny. Seems like I write a lot of whiny posts and then come to my senses and leave them in the Drafts section where they belong.

The problem with that is that then you, dear reader, are left waiting, wondering what is happening with me. Because it’s crucial that you know, right? snicker. I’m laughing at myself here. I know that there are four or five of you who check daily, and I feel badly when I know that I haven’t posted. Clearly not badly enough to remedy the situation, just badly enough to waste my own time and energy thinking about it.

I need to write those whiny posts; it’s good to get them off my chest, but I certainly don’t need to post them.

What I do need to do is figure out a more consistent posting schedule. Writing daily isn’t hard, it’s the writing of something that is post-worthy that I find difficult.

I have so many different things running through my head each and every day. Some days I don’t get to the computer. Yesterday was one of those.

I had a lovely day in town. I walked along West Cliff with a new dear friend. I went to Healing Waves Network Chiropractic center for an alignment. If you don’t know about Network Chiropractics, check it out. It feels (and looks) like voodoo, but what I know about it is that my posture is completely different from when I started. I now walk erect. The effect of that on the rest of my body is dramatic. My back and neck no longer chronically hurt. My breathing is deeper and more delicious.

I took my daughter to the Orthopedic Surgeon to have her osteocondroma checked out. That’s a calcification of the bone. This happens to be a growth off the side of her femur. It’s painful, but not worrisome.

Now we get to think about possible surgery. Oh joy.

In the meantime, she’s got three months of physical therapy to go to, to strengthen her knee muscles. She’s got what the doctor called “hyper-mobile” knee joints. Turns out it’s hereditary and I’m the parent with the hyper-mobile joints as well. Of course, none of this is a surprise. But it was a little shocking to hear a doctor say it. Sigh.

Today is a quiet day. I’m home doing laundry and thinking about next week’s food menu and getting ready to go shopping for the week. There is the tiniest breeze rippling the aspen leaves on the trees outside our tall, tall windows. The sunlight through them is mesmerizing.

I’m going to go bond with my trees before heading off the hill.