Before (or rather in the midst of) all of my eye excitement was the Baroque Obama concert.

I had a lovely time. The floaters receded during the times that I was performing on Saturday and Sunday, so I wasn’t bothered by them.

Through the help of one of my baseballswap friends, you can go here to download the mp3 file for our concert. It’s 39 minutes long. If you want to skip to the part where you’ll hear me, you can scooch the tracker bar over to -10:22 and you should hear a quartet singing. I’m the alto part. The soprano starts and then I come in two beats later. On the second piece that we sing, the soprano and I sing that first line in unison. A feat I find amazing. In general, trying to get two people to blend while singing in unison is much more difficult than three or more.

On the last piece, which starts out with 20 measures of sackbut and cornett and organ, when the singing starts, the tenor starts first and I answer him. You ought to be able to pick my voice out from there. The pieces with violin, bass viol (which is a six stringed cello looking thing that’s tuned like a guitar) and organ are glorious!

If you want to listen from front to back, here’s a list of songs that were performed

Sonata 2, Stefano Bernardi
Cornetto with alto, tenor and bass sackbuts

Fuga 5, Gottfried Reiche
Fuga 4, Gottfried Reiche
Cornetto with alto, tenor and bass sackbuts

Sonata, Giovanni Legrenzi
Violin, bass viol, organ

Paduan 3, Johan Rosenmuller
Alto, tenor and bass sackbuts

Benedicta sit, Giovanni Arrigoni
Soprano voice, violin, cornetto, bass viol, organ

Canzon 25, Giovanni Gabrieli
Cornetto with alto, tenor and bass sackbuts

Sonata 1-4, Dario Castello
Violin, bass viol, organ

Lieber Herre Gott, Johan Rosenmuller
Soprano voice, tenor and bass sackbuts, organ

Da Pacem Domine, Melchoir Frank
Verleih uns Frieden, Balthasar Resinarius
Soprano, alto, tenor and bass voice

Credo from Missa de Batalia, Mateo Romero
cornetto with alto, tenor and bass sackbuts

Da Pacem, Heinrich Shutz
cornetto; alto, tenor and bass sackbuts; singers, organ, bass viol


I’ll write more about my eye surgery and recovery tomorrow. I am going to be limiting my time on the computer today. I spent too much time yesterday writing that long-winded post and I suffered for it. I intend to listen to my body much more closely today so that I continue to heal.