Argh. I love my home in the winter. The rainy season. I love all the weather. The big, but not too big, winds. The rain. I love it when the power goes out. The house is silent in a way that it’s not when the power is on.

Of course, that doesn’t last too long before the neighbors start turning their generators on. I like to wait awhile before I go out to power ours up. First because you never know when it might be just a short power outage, and second because of the silence.

But right now. It’s hot. I don’t do hot well. Yeah, I know it only got to 99 yesterday. Yes, I know that other people have it much worse, but I’m a whiner, what can I say?

Actually, there isn’t much that I do whine about. But I do whine about heat.

I grew up in Alaska, where 70 degrees was hot. Yes, there are places in Alaska where it gets as hot as it gets here, but I didn’t grow up there. (Fairbanks is one of those towns, I spent summers there outside Fairbanks in a little place called Esther.)

So it’s hot and we have 25 foot ceilings, which makes air conditioning just not an option. I run a lot of fans, and do the fancy close-up-the-house-at-6:00-am-to-keep-the-cool-in and then open-it-back-up-again-at-6:00-pm, if it’s cooled off enough, to swap out the now-heated-up air for the cooler air from outside.

Of course, this only works if the air has actually cooled during the night.

It didn’t cool down last night, so it’s still 80 degrees IN THE HOUSE! And it’s only 7:36 am. Argh.

My DH and I attempted to beat the heat this Sunday by going to a movie. We found the only theater in the area with a broken air conditioner. It wasn’t broken enough that we noticed as we went in, but rather, halfway through the movie I realized I was sweating. I walked out to talk to the kids at the concession stand to ask and one of them casually said, “Oh yeah, the air conditioning is broken in Theater 2.”

I was too tired and hot to get upset. In fact, it wasn’t until I was tell a neighbor the story and he said “Well, so you walked out and asked for your money back, right?” that I realized that I could have done something about it.

My brain just shuts down when it’s hot.

DH didn’t really notice the heat because he’d broken his crown eating popcorn.

We were quite the pair.

No moral, no interesting tale, just me whinging.