Now the computer is in our bedroom, along with everything that was in the office with the exception of one large computer desk and all of the books on the eight-foot bookshelf that was built by my father-in-law.

So, I’m pinned in the bedroom. A room that currently has no door, only a large unfinished opening.

The painters are here now; they’re masking. That means taping a paper carpet to cover my brand-new hardwood floors, among other things.

Because I want to be posting and because I’m brain-dead (combination of deciding too many things on the remodel and a killer sinus infection), I’m choosing to answer a tag, even though no-one actually tagged me.

Ten Years Ago what were you doing, SongMom?

I was dealing with a three-year-old who still wasn’t speaking English (had his own language) and a five-year-old (she’d say: 5 1/2, Mom, I’m two and a half years older than Keno!). Trying to garden, parent, be wifely and sing.

Five Things on Today’s “To Do” List (I don’t have 5 things on my list today)

7:00 drive daughter to high school (son is at home in bed with a muscle spasm in his neck)
8:00 meet with painters
12:00 drive to Watsonville to pick up milk from my cow share (the cow’s name is Nutmeg)
3:00 take son to osteopath to get his neck treated
3:30 pick up daughter from school (damn, forgot to tell her we’d be late because of son’s appointment. . .)

If I were a Billionaire

Ask my husband to retire, so we could vacation together. Travel. Sing in cathedrals in Europe. Finish remodeling the house (there’s so much more to do!)

Three Bad Habits

– picking my toenails in bed
– jumping to conclusions
– forgetting to eat breakfast

Five Places I’ve Lived

– Anchorage, Alaska
– Tacoma, Washington
– Tenafly, New Jersey
– San Francisco, California
– Bonny Doon, California

Five Jobs I’ve Had

– voice over talent for computer game
– gofer girl in Financial Aid Department at college
– Proofreader for Prentice Hall
– Production Editor/System’s Administrator, Convergent Technologies
– Creative Services Department, Unisys

Well, that was fun for me. How about you?