Well, I thought I was going to post about Greece, but my home remodel has me flummoxed. Yesterday there were six guys in my house doing different things: taking out walls, cutting holes in the ceiling where the new lighting will go, putting different colors of paint on the walls, etc. It was loud and exciting and I’m happy there are only two guys here today.

Yesterday was a little bit too exciting for me. And for my dog. Poor Cinders has been practically glued to me since this whole things began. First, I left her for ten days. [Cinders: Mother, how could you?! I was lost without you; I only had the man and the boy to follow around all day; they aren’t nearly as interesting as you are. . .] Then, I came back from Greece and promptly headed off to rehearsals every night the following week, preparing for the concert on Saturday, which, by the way, went very well; thanks for asking. Then the next Monday there were carpenters and electricians and coolio interior decorators (Panda’s name for him) meeting around the dining room table.

We’d already removed all but the piano from the living room area, so Cinders knew something was up.

Hey, I wonder why I feel compelled to give my children odd, cryptic names to replace their real ones, but have no compunction at all about calling my animals by the names I call them in real life? Maybe because they’ve already got odd, cryptic names and to try to go even more into that cryptic world might be scary? No clue here.

Anyway, it’s now Thursday and the living room is a mess. It’s a good mess, but it’s a mess nonetheless.

And amidst all this chaos, I’m trying to put together a wedding quilt for the carpenter and his wife. They got married the day I arrived in Greece, so I missed the actual ceremony, but I sent a stack of fabric blocks and some fabric pens for people to write their blessings on and now I’m trying to sew them all together to make a quilt.

Once I get my camera back from Panda’s room, I’ll get pictures taken and up on this website. Of course that means I have to figure out how to put more than one picture in a post without them all piling up at the top.

Wish me luck,