Hi all,

I won’t be posting for a bit. I’m heading to Greece for 10 days with my daughter and a bunch of other teenagers from her school. The drama teacher decided to lead a trip to Greece. There are 30 teenagers and 12 chaperones on this trip. I’ll write about it when it get back. My plan is to journal every day, so when I get back I’ll post some of those thoughts.

I’m excited and nervous. Funny things are happening today as I get ready to go. Panda had a terrible sore throat on Monday. I took her to Urgent Care where they did a rapid strep test and determined that it wasn’t strep. They also took a longer culture that was supposed to take 24 hours. They called today! (four days later) to tell me that she didn’t have Group A Strep (the dangerous type of strep), but that she did test positive for a form of Strep and if she was improving that she wouldn’t need the antibiotics for it. Because we’re leaving before the crack of dawn tomorrow, and because while she seems quite improved the tonsils are still swollen and covered with white pustules (ewwwww, sorry), I’m going to go ahead and pick up the penicillin for her to take on this trip. She’s going to laugh and then be mad that they didn’t call sooner.

This was while I was trying to sync my ipod for the trip, WITHOUT all the Christmas music. . . I ended up completely erasing the ipod and starting over, but that required more brain power than it would appear I have. I’ve finally gotten it figured out and it’s busy downloading my music back on to my little Nano. Such fun.

Well, I’m off to become a world traveler.

See ya on the flip side.