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9 Steps to Finding Joy

Finding joy in my life has become an active daily practice. I have been looking for joy my whole life, just not intentionally, so the results weren’t always what I expected. Following these practices daily has increased the amount of joy I experience exponentially. In fact, as a result I generally move through the world in a state of joy. The impact these practices can have on your daily experience is entirely up to you.

Labyrinth Walks and Reflections

The labyrinth conspires with you to rewrite the story of your life into one worthy of your magnificence. Old stories fall away as you open to one of the most gentle transitions you have ever experienced. All you need to do is take the first step.

Commission a Labyrinth

Nancy’s passion for building triple spiral labyrinths is born of a deep commitment to honor the earth. She builds labyrinths that gently awaken people to the power of meaningful connection with the land we all live and love on.

Self Discovery Deck

The Self Discovery Decks are here!  Use these cards to spark your intuition.  They will guide you on an internal journey to discover your inner wisdom.

Get Centered. Find Clarity.

Gazing with intention at these cards will drop you into the wordless realm of consciousness; as you rest into the wordlessness, words, thoughts, ideas, connections will start to become clear.

Thoughts from the Labyrinth

Personal Reflection, Journal and Blog


I've been doing an evolving form of ritual for my clients for several years now.  For whatever reason, it had not occurred to me to perform that same ritual for myself.  This morning as I headed out to the labyrinth, I started thinking about the antique copper bowl I...

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The scratches on the table leg are deep, angled from the same direction, so it looks like they were made over time, rather than all at once.  A repeated behavior that had a harmful impact.  I noticed the scratches as I was moving the table to sweep beneath in and...

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Noticing perfection

I awoke this morning excited to be trying out a new exercise class just down the street from me.  This is a big deal because I live 20 minutes from town, so the idea that I could walk to something is thrilling.  (Obviously I thrill easily.) I skip out my front door,...

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Holy Fool

Stuck, stuck, stuck!  So, I keep getting the message that I’m supposed to be writing.  But what I don’t understand is WHAT I’m to be writing.  I do well with one-off things.  These blog posts seem to almost write themselves, but when I try to organize them or figure...

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I took this picture this afternoon, sitting on the bench, looking out at the labyrinth, wondering, yet again, what it is that I think I’m doing with all of this.  Sometimes I’m so lit up, excited to share the gifts of the labyrinth, which somehow seem separate from...

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